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Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 8, 2012

What gives you energy to do what you enjoy? Is it the joy you get while you do the certain activity, or maybe it’s the joy you have looking back and seeing what you accomplished.
We all like to look back on something we have finished and see where we are now because of it, but what about doing the specific thing at the time you are doing it?
I really enjoy writing my books. I find great joy in using the ability God has given me to notice things and wrap a story around and through those things. As I have recommended to other writers, it is always good to have a notebook with you so if you come up with an idea, even if it isn’t a complete sentence, you are able to write it down. Those short ideas might come to be something later, you never know till they do. That is when you will be glad that you took the time to write them down earlier. This is really the same with anything, from birthday gifts to enjoying time out with friends and family. If you don’t plan ahead, the day will come to buy the gift or spend time with you family and you won’t know where to start.
I not only keep a notebook of my mystery ideas, but I also read them through periodically. That keeps them in my mind and if something comes up later that reminds me of something I’ve already written down I can scan back through the notebook (can be electronic or handwritten) and find the other idea I had before.

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