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Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 15, 2012

How do you as a writer develop your characters? Do you start with characteristics that you really like (if the character is a good guy) or characteristics you really don’t like (if the character is a bad guy)? Each characteristic you give your character will help define them as a person in your reader’s mind. Personality has a lot to do with how your characters are perceived also. Is the person outgoing and friend? Shy? Troubled?
I usually find that my characters are influenced by my values and also by people that I have had an occasion to meet. My ‘good guys’ each have characteristics that I have or strive for and my ‘bad guys’ have those characteristics that I try to stay away from. When people think of greedy people they don’t think of a young adult who is striving to better the world. They might think of a mastermind who will stop at nothing to take over the world, think ­­­Lex Luthor. Or in a children’s book the reader might think of the child at the end of the street who wants all the attention in every situation.
What are some characteristics and personalities you see in others that are reflected in your book characters?

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