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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 13, 2011

The American Christian Fiction Writer's Conference is quickly approaching. Though I am slightly nervous getting ready to go I know it will be a great experience. I am hoping that the seminars will give me that last bit of confidence and/or ideas that are needed to really finish up my first book. I wonder if I will be publishing this year? I am still thinking I'll self-publish first and then see what happens. Then I can get my book out there and really see what people think about it. I am also thinking about writing an 'elevator pitch'. I would really like something short to say about my book so I can really let people know what my books are going to be like. I am really excited about what God will be doing the rest of this year! We'll see what happens!

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LeAnne Hardy said...

Great conference, wasn't it, Shari? I am presenting you with the Versatile Blogger award. I hope you'll come by my site and check it out.