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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 23, 2011

I have been writing these blogs to my readers, but what about all you writers out there! Well, let me welcome you to a work in progress! I have been writing for about 7 years now. I started this story with just writing about things I liked to do. I quickly realized that it would become much more than that.

As a writer I have found inspiration for my stories (I say stories plural because I have many more in the works at this time) in the more unusual places. In fact it is a very good idea to have a small notebook with you wherever you go. I have found inspiration while in a restaurant, while driving (though I don't expect you to write and drive at the same time), while riding my horse even. If you are in a place that you can't write something down I would suggest maybe calling someone and telling them a little bit of your idea so you don't forget, or you can make a note on your phone. Hey, with all the Smart phones you can even email the note to yourself!

As a writer you also have to take time out of your busy schedule to write or work on your own writings. Whether you are writing a fiction like me or a biography or anything! You will only get the finished product that you want if you really work at it! Some might think, "but I only have 10 minutes, that won't be any use!" but I say the opposite is true. If you have short bits of time here and there just sit down and get busy writing. Even if you are old fashion and want to make a diagram before you really begin the story.

Talking about old fashion, I still tend to write my first drafts my hand. I feel that my initial thoughts for the stories flow better and I can really get my thoughts down on the page. It's worth buying a larger notebook if that's what works best for you. Try it, you might be surprised!

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