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Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 11, 2012

I opened my computer this afternoon to work on my second mystery book, The Mystery of Millions. However, I didn't get past opening my Mac laptop. My screen was green. Lime green and I couldn't read the document I had left open. Oh no!!! My graphic card chose today to malfunction! I went online and was able to sign-up for a Genius Bar appointment for 7:45 pm this evening. Whew! I took my computer i
n and sure enough, it is most likely the graphic card. However, my graphic card is connected to the main frame (I think that's what the man said), so I have to send it away to get fixed. The man at the Genius Bar said it would be anywhere from 3-5 days! *Sigh!* I am on hold on my book until I get my computer back. All the information is backed up, so I will be able to start from where I left off. It is kind of a bummer! I don't get to work on my book this weekend! I guess God has another plan for my weekend! :-) Also, the man at the Genius Bar said they ship the computer by UPS. UPS is closed on Saturday and Sunday, so I am blessed that the graphic card went out today. It can be shipped out tomorrow and then fixed over the weekend. I will have the computer back, hopefully Monday or Tuesday.

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