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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 20, 2012

Hi Bloggers!
Are any of you writing anything right now? I have had some time recently to look over my second book that is coming out in December. I am working on personal editing before I send it to my editors. I am really enjoying working on it. What are you writing about? Are you passionate about the subject? I think passion will help you go far in writing. You have to really enjoy what you are writing, or else you can’t fully become part of your book.
You might ask, what if people don’t like it? I personally write because I love writing. I always have. I started writing when I wanted the story to end how I wanted it to end. It has blossomed from there and I continue to grow all the time.
Reading lots of books from different genres helps also. If you just stick to the genre you write in you will find yourself with more closed off ideas. If you explore all the genres and decide to stick with your current genre that is great! What you won’t know that is the genre you really want to write in unless you explore others as well.

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Leah Zanzucchi said...

Yes, I agree about not sticking to one genre. What I learned about fiction is it is all about the characters. If you have a character and force him or her to do something they would not do the story will not go anywhere.