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Friday, December 30, 2016

December 30 2016

Chyli, Jake, Cyndy, Joe and all their friends are working on another mystery together. Get ready for the fifth installment of The Mystery of M Series, coming in 2017!
Chyli and Jake first met a year ago in January when they worked together to figure out The Mystery of Medicine. The next task challenged their underwater talent in The Mystery of Millions. Then Chyli launched into another mystery taking her and her friends out of state in The Mystery of Multiples.
Chyli and Jake know they could not have solved these mysteries alone, especially their most recent installment, The Mystery of Mechanics. A vehicle to fix-up and a haunting mystery to solve. This new case tested the friends’ definition of mystery and adventure as the Halloween festival drew nearer.
If you’ve fallen behind on reading, get caught up quickly! The new mystery will be coming out soon!

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