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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 25, 2014

The following words in this blog entry I wrote by hand first, but then I got to thinking, “This is a good conversation piece.”
Okay, I’m writing right now because I really just want to form letters. Weird, right? Have you ever done something many times without even realizing what you’re doing it, let alone why you’re doing it? My desire to start writing just now got me thinking, there are many different reasons why I might write, either on paper or electronically. I might want to form letters (weird, but that’s how this entry got started). I might want to get an idea across in an essay-type format. I might want to write down an idea so I don’t forget it. I might want to work on making my writing easy to read. Or various other reasons. Hmmm. . . Does that translate to other things in life?
A person might have a variety of reasons to go back to school. Maybe to change careers. Get a better paying job. Possibly because they feel like they have to for one reason or another.

Can you think of a few other areas of your life where you might have a few different reasons to do one task?

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