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Saturday, November 9, 2013

November 9, 2013

Wonderful News, Readers!
I was talking to another local author at the last book event I attended and she told me that Major Market likes to support local authors. It sounded kind of too good to be true, so I didn’t do much about it . . . till today. I finally decided, with my third book coming out, that I really wanted to sell my book and get it out there in the market for my target audience to see, read, and enjoy. I took a step of faith, trusting God that everything would work out in his timing. Well, as you might have guessed He worked everything out exactly as He had already planned it. I walked into Major Market this morning and spoke with the manager, Sharon Hendrix. She is really nice and immediately showed me back to the book/gift section. I was really excited I was even being considered. Yay!
She mentioned about a display and of course something like shouldn’t be too hard to find, right? . . . Wrong. I traveled to closest office supply store and they actually said that if I can come about three weeks ago they would have had some old displays I could have. Unfortunately, they had already thrown them out. No luck! . . . Finally, after going to various other office supply stores and yes, even dumpster diving, we finally found a display that was available. “Just let us know when done with it and we’ll come back.”  “Oh, that’s okay,” they said. “I’ll move the books and you can have it now.”

Thank you, Lord! You worked it out perfectly!!!!!!!!!! Another thing that Sharon mentioned in our short interview was that I will be able to do a book signing! Woohoo!!!! That is great, right? Well, keep following my updates and I’ll let you know the minute I have a date and time! . . . Oh, happy reading!  J

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